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6 steps for chronotype determination

The BodyClock Hair Root Test Webinar

How does the chronotype determination via the chronotype test of BodyClock work? What do you have to pay attention to? What do you learn about yourself, and how do you get a test kit? In the following free 30-minute speed webinar, Michael Wieden, author, ChronoCoach, management consultant and worldwide pioneer on the topic of chronobiology in personnel management for 20 years, explains everything about the test to you. The graphic below shows the 6 steps from order to result report in quick overview.

BodyClock Hair Root Test Chronotype Determination

6 steps for chronotype determination

Step 1

BodyClock chronotype test with result report

Order test kit

You can easily order the BodyClock Chronotype RNA test based on your hair roots online in the BodyClock online store. Click here to go to the store

Step 2

BodyClock test kit shipping

Shipping test kit

The order has been received by BodyClock and the test kit will be shipped to you.

Step 3

BodyClock hair root test


The test kit has arrived at your home. You register your account with BodyClock and take the hair root samples according to the enclosed instructions. Afterwards you put them into the supplied sample vial with the preservation liquid. Then you only have to fill in the enclosed slip with the time of sampling, this is very important for the later analysis.

Step 4

BodyClock test kit shipping

Sample shipment

You send the samples with the enclosed postage-paid envelope to the BodyClock laboratory.

Step 5

BodyClock Chronotype analysis

Sample analysis

The samples are analyzed in the laboratory. Based on the structure of 25 relevant genes, the DLMO(Dim Light Melatonin Onset), and subsequently your chronotype is determined.

Step 6

BodyClock result report

result report

Based on the DLMO , your chronotype result report is determined. This 25-page report with your chronotype and many tips on the best times for sleep, work, sports, food and much more will be sent to you by e-mail. Here you can find all information about the result report.

Click here to go to the order page of the chronoptype test from BodyClock