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ChronoCollege® presents
BodyClock Chronotype Test

Info about BodyClock Chronotype Test

Simply determine your chronotype? This can be done with the BodyClock Chronotype Test. Here you will learn everything important about the BodyClock Chronotype test, the Chronotype result report and some more about chronobiology.

What is chronobiology?

The science of chronobiology describes the rhythmic organization of living beings. In fact, absolutely everything that exists on a natural basis on this planet is rhythmically organized. On the other hand, there is the human being, whose society is organized in terms of time and does not take his own rhythmic organization of the body into account. The BodyClock Chronotype Test offers you for the first time the knowledge base to defuse this discrepancy.

BodyClock RNA - chronotype test as an interface between society and the body


This graph shows the rise in melatonin and DLMO. Based on this, the chronotype is determined.

Chronotyping via the BodyClock Chronotype Test is all about the DLMO. Written out, this means ” D im L ight M elatonin Onset” and describes the point in time at which your melatonin level rises continuously above a threshold of 10 pg/ml in plasma (DMLO10) or 3 pg/ml in saliva (DMLO3). This point in time is primarily written in your genes . So light only has a secondary influence on the DLMO or when you get tired. This is also the reason why you still cannot mutate from early to late type under changing light or artificially acquired sleeping habits, just as your foot size cannot be reduced from 42 to 40.

The process

How does the BodyClock Chronotype test work? How do you get a test kit? What do you have to pay attention to when taking the sample?
Chronobiology pioneer Michael Wieden explains everything you need to know about the BodyClock Chronotype Test in a free webinar. If you don’t have time for the webinar, here are 6 steps to your chronotype results report.

BodyClock Chronotyp Test Speed Webinar

The result report of the BodyClock Chronotype Test

The result report consists of 25 pages In addition to the presentation and explanation of your own chronotype, you will receive in-depth, scientifically based tips, hints and plans for your optimal times for work, sleep, exercise, food and much more. This makes it easier for you to take your internal clock into account in everyday life.

BodyClock result report Michael Wieden daily plan

The BodyClock chronotype test in companies

Result of the project "COPEP" at Klinik Wartenberg

In several projects of the company aliamos GmbH the RNA test has already been used successfully on a larger scale for years.
Within a pilot study initiated by Michael Wieden and the management of the Wartenberg Clinic in 2019, there were clearly positive effects of chronobiological measures and chronotype-optimized personnel deployment planning. In this context, 128 employees were chronotyped using an RNA test and asked several times over a period of 4 months about their well-being, performance, motivation and sleep issues. The impressive results were summarized in a white paper and published on An extended follow-up project with 55 employees* ran from September 2021 to July 2022. Der Erfolg bestätigt die ersten Ergebnisse.